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Expert solution connected to your Financial or HR system,
Get real time insights from your total rewards through benchmarks, simulators, benefits and more.

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Welcome to the Future

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Say Goodbye to spreadsheets

Qomben is an intuitive and customizable Total Rewards solution for your Compensation strategy that can instantly solve complex calculations in order to considerably reduce the time required to set up total rewards strategies and salary policies.

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A compensation expert solution

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Made by the Comp&Ben experts for the Comp&Ben managers.

Bring innovation to the HR department by making tedious, time-wasting tasks into automated workflows.

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    100% Personalized to your Business

    Easily adjust your company settings and KPI's to keep track to one or multiple employees.
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    Multi Currency Operations

    Arrange social charges and payments according to specific laws & countries effortlessly.
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    Multi Campaign Automations

    Set up dynamic paths to automatize campaigns with business rules to save time.
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    Instant Visibility

    Automatically generate visual insights for quick decision making and long-term visibility.

An all-in-one secured Compensation & Benefits platform for your financial and business strategy

Qomben tracks and analyzes your company’s data with instant reports and automates all your reward processes for compensation planning and management. 

Create compensation packages that actually drive performance!

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QANTIX: Our own technology

We developed a series of specific algorithms to facilitate the task of all Total Compensation managers.

Automate day-to-day C&B operations and tasks

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    Monitoring and management of compensations data

    Centralize all information on compensation and rewards from your talents.

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    A 360° view of your company

    Analyze your company from every axis to prepare, validate and fix your HR strategy through an easy drill-down drill-out for your key data.

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    Streamline your proposition and validation processes for all compensations

    Easily Integrate your HR & payroll tools.

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    Equal compensation measurement and compliance

    Ensure your pay-transparency measures with equal pay analysis and compliance.

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    Establish your hiring strategy

    Define the positions your business plans to fill, when and where those job openings will be publicized, and the evaluation techniques you'll use to find the best candidates.

Set up multiple compensation plans and easily execute them

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  • Campaign
    Campaign Simulation & Operations

    Simulate various campaigns before enrolling

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    C&B, CFO and Manager's Choices

    Centralize and monitor manager's propositions

  • Workflow
    Campaign Validation Workflows

    Easily create and manage validation workflows

  • Launch
    Campaign Release for Execution

    Release validated compaigns and execute them

Make easier decisions thanks to our ready to use dashboards

  • Interactive Dashboard
    Interactive Dashboards & Reports

    Design and build custom-made dashboards & reports

  • Kpi
    Live reporting & forcast

    Get an overview and a forcast of your company
    Comp & Ben KPIs

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    Microsoft Excel add-in

    Further analyze your reports thanks to our
    Excel add-in

  • Secure
    Secure data access

    Ensure RGPD compliance

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